Homework Assignments:

* This page last revised Nov 3, 1999.*

NOTE: Except for the first homework, homeworks are all due Wednesday AT THE BEGINNING of class. You will have a chance in labs to work on computer homework. Steps for SPSS are also explained in your Study Guide.

Please put your name and your group code on top sheet of homework, and staple sheets together.

**Homework 4**

**Homeworks 5 & 6**

Homework 1 (6 points): A&A Ch1: 2,3 & 6.
You may do problem 2 EITHER on the computer OR by hand. Grouped or ungrouped tables and histograms are both fine. [TIP: if you want ungrouped using SPSS, click Bar Graph instead of Histogram] If you use SPSS, be sure to include the printout, clearly identify which parts of the printout go with the homework question, and don't forget to describe the distribution (2c).

Homework 2 (10 points) :
NOTE: This is revised from the syllabus--kurtosis removed! Explanation is also more detailed.

A&A Ch2: 1&6; Exercises IV.A. & V.B., SG pp. 26-27, using SESSIO$ data [which is the data on p. 21, which you will be entering together in lab]. Turn in annotated printout for IV.A. For V.B., report skew and explain what the number means. Finally, calculate skew "by hand" for the same SESSIONS $ following the method described by K on pp. 18-19. Show your work.

NOTE: ANNOTATED means that you write on the output to indicate, for example, what outlier you added to get each output, since this will not be evident in the output. Be sure to explain what you have learned from the exercise: A hand-drawn chart will help illustrate the point.

NOTE: For calculating the skew by hand, you will need deviation scores. You can calculate them directly by subtracting the mean from each score in the SESSIONS data. OR you can use the Z scores calculated by SPSS and multiply them by the standard deviation to get the deviation scores. Since the formula for Z= (X-M)/SD, then Z*SD = (X-M).

Homework 3 (9 points):

A&A, Ch.3: Problems 2abce; 4cfg [use corrected Zs!]; & 7. NOTE: for problems 2&4, do calculations and scatter diagram by hand or computer--your choice. For 7 [this is a HARD problem!],you may find it useful to read the answer to question 6 in the back of the book.

Assignments for Homeworks 4-6 will be posted on the web at least a week before they are due, and announced in class.