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The conceptual design for the expansion and renovation of Knight Library (1988-94) allowed for the inclusion of several ‘architecturally integrated’ works of art. The distinctive sculpture Pegasus, perched atop the library, is among the best known of these works. Pegasus and other works acquired during this time were funded in accordance with Percent for Art legislation and selected by a collaborative process managed by the Oregon Arts Commission’s Percent for Public Art Program.

Decorative step lights were envisioned for the circular staircase which serves as a focal point for the south end of the library. In 1990, three glass artists -- John Rose, Linda Ethier, and Liz Capelli -- were invited to make a proposal for the design and fabrication of cast glass sculptures to decorate (and illuminate) these stairs. In 1991, Ethier, of Portland, Oregon, was selected for the project, and in response to the selection committee’s suggestions, she used collections unique to Knight Library as the inspiration for her final designs.

Ethier’s completed work, entitled Luminated Manuscripts, consists of 15 glass panels installed on the guardrails of the three flights of stairs that comprise what is now called the Solari Staircase. This staircase is named for Mary Corrigan Solari, a 1946 UO graduate, and her husband, Richard Solari, who contributed to the Knight Library expansion project. Initially installed in November, 1992, the glass sculptures were adjusted with filters in August 1993 to enhance their appearance.

The panels depict a variety of figures and objects associated with library collections, and several images are based on recommendations from library staff. Thus these illuminated panels represent a unique collaboration resulting in art about the library: its environment, collections, and the people it serves.

As step lights, the content and detail of Luminated Manuscripts are not easily apparent, although the color and texture of the panels clearly stand out. The purpose of this web page is to provide images which can more easily be examined -- images scanned from slides made by the artist before installation of the work -- as well as some background information about the processes employed to create this sculptural ensemble.

See this page more information about how this work was created.


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