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NW Folk Dance Resources

Many thanks to the eefc mailing list, from which much of this information is drawn.

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Music - Concert Information:

"Dirty Linen,The Magazine of Folk, Electric Folk, Traditional and World Music" was (RIP) a great resource on the web for tracking down live performances of your favorite groups. In addition to online selections from the magazine, they featured a Gig Guide, which you could search "By Artist", "By State or Province", or by "Events & Festivals". The guide also normally listed numbers for bookings or for contacting the bands or individual performers.

Music - Sheet Music, Books:

Marcus Holt's [Marcus Moskoff's] "Orchestral Melodies for Gajda,Kaval, Gadulka, and Tambura" (1977), bitov instrumentation. An addendum exists, called something like "Structure and Ornamentation in Bulgarian Music", published by the Bulgarian Cultural Center in NY (or something like that) under the name of Marcus Moscov.
Marcus gave EEFC permission to reprint and sell his original Bitov book; anyone who is interested can snail mail to:
Henry Goldberg
2 Cutting Street
Winchester, MA 01890
enclosing a check made out to EEFC for $10 and he will send out a copy. Advance notice by email will expedite things, since he can get the package together and send it out as soon as the check arrives.

Bill Cope's tambura book and tape, music and tablature for 23 Macedonian and Bulgarian tunes. Bill can be contacted at cope@netcom.com

(Also) Bill and Kimberly Cope's excellent "Balkan Tunes Newsletter" shouldn't be overlooked. This is a unique ongoing journal, published quarterly, featuring carefully researched scores and lyrics and lots of related information on musical instruments, costumes, travel tips for the Balkans, etc., etc. The layout is beautifully done too, making it a pleasure to read or browse.
Subscriptions are $20/year for four issues. More information and/or sample issures are available by sending mail to cope@netcom.com

Richard Geisler's Balkan Bundle, as he calls it, is around 30 pieces of sheet music - modern instrumentation. He has a Yugoslav and an International collection in addition to his Bulgarian collection. Over 100 tunes in all.
Richard Geisler, 15181 Ballantree Lane, Grass Valley, CA 95949; phone (916) 477-2293.

Miamon Miller's "Balkan Folkdance Music Gig Book" is another source of written out tunes. His description says it "contains more than 60 popular folkdance melodies (with chords) from around the Balkans (Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia). This book is tailored for those musicians who play Balkan folkdances on urban instruments.
You can order it directly from him for $10.95 plus $2 shipping, check payable to Fuge Imaginea, sent to Fuge Imaginea, PO Box 2027, Santa Monica CA 90406.
It is also available from Elderly Instruments, as has been Richard Geisler's book and other ethnic gig books (Greek, etc.). Their 24-hour order line (or to request catalogues) is (517) 372-4161. For a human being in the order department (Monday to Saturday 9-5) call (517) 372-7890, x123. Since Balkan Camp kaval and tambura teacher Chris Rietz is head of the record department, they have a quite respectable colection of ethnic CDs and tapes.

The Vancouver [BC] International Folkdancers has a 2 volume set of tunes, (modern instrumentation). To order, contact Stan Snapp, 2620 Shepardson St, Bellingham, WA 98226; phone (206) 676-2716.

"Village Harmony: Traditional Songs of the Balkans" edited by Mary Cay Brass. 27 songs (words and music), mostly from the former Yugoslavia. There is a good CD with ca. 22 of these songs, bearing the same title as the book. The singing is especially amazing considering that their group has a large percentage of teenagers in it--and the people are Americans, in Vermont.You can phone Mary Cae at (802) 869-2438.

"Macedonian Folk Music," by Linsey Pollak, an Australian Gajda player It contains the tunes for 91 of your favorite Macedonian tunes in clear typeset music. He's been playing and collecting for years, studied with Mile Kolarov, and collected tunes both in Macedonia and among Australia's large Macedonian community. To get a copy. mail $20 (Australian) to:
Linsey Pollak, Kin Kin Rd, Kin Kin, Queensland, 4571 Australia.



Yves Moreau
Yves' web page
For any additional info: Phone: (514) 659-9271 or E-Mail: ymoreau@odysee.net


Thracian Bizarre is run by Maria Kaloyanova, who shows up periodically at Ramblewood and other Balkan camps.
Thracian Bizarre
P. O. Box 403
Cary, NC 27511

International Folk Rhythms in Chicago, IL (telephone: 847-564-2880) sells records, CD's, cassettes, videos of Balkan and International folk music and dance, books, opanci and other costume items.


EEFC Mailing List, source of information and watering hole for more than 300 folkdancers from around the world. How to join is described on the EEFC web page under the topic "EEFC listserve."

Folk Arts Center of New England, 1950 Mass. Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140, (617) 491-6083. IFD information in the Boston area. They maintain a folk dance calendar available through their web page. More info: fac@facone.org

Northwest Folk Dancers, Inc., (NFDI) puts out a monthly newsletter. Articles about folklore and folkdance notables. Lots of information about dancing in Oregon and Washington.
Membership inquiries to: Linda Caspermeyer, Membership, 1023 NE 61st Street, Seattle, WA 98115-6601.

Eugene Folklore Society
Regular 2nd and 4th Sat contra dances, an April dance camp (contras, swing, and other dances alternating) and a monthly song circle.

2nd and 4th Sat contras are usually Sept-June. 7:30 lesson, 8-11pm dance at Kelly Middle School corner of N Park and Howard, off River Road. More info: Sue Goldish (541) 686-5125.

Society of Folk Dance Historians, Austin, TX. Creators of the Folk Dance Phone Book and Group Directory. Instructors, vendors, performers, members list, and Where-To-Dance in the North America and across the world. From the back cover: "Across the continent or around the world, find it in this, the only on-time, accurate, annual directory designed specifically for the international folk dancer." For more info, e-mail the editor, Ron Houston, at ron@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu


Sending Money Overseas:

There is an organization in Washington, D.C called Ruesch International that will issue a check drawn on a foreign bank payable to the person of your choice. You can call them and tell them what currency you would like the check to be issued in, the amount, and the name of the person to whom the check should be payable. They will quote a $ price for the check, and will send it to you after they receive payment. There is a $2.00 service charge for the transaction. The phone number is (800) 424-2923. Ask for the international division.

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