The Maasai Cultural Center
Founding Director: Morompi Ole-Ronkei

The goal of the Maasai Cultural Center is to serve as a locus for collecting information and artifacts from traditional Maasai culture.  It promotes education about the Maasai culture, and fosters continued use of the language and appreciation of the cultural heritage.

During a period of ten years at the University of Oregon, Morompi Ole-Ronkei completed a B.A., M.A. and Ph.D in journalism.   During these years he made a few trips home home to Kenya, and observed rapid changes taking place there.  The result was his vision for a Maasai Cultural Center to document the Maasai culture, promote the esteem of the Maasai culture, and to educate both Maasais and non-Maasais about the culture.

There are two independent collaborating organizations, with independent boards:  Maasai Cultural Centre-Kenya (Board Chair: Morompi Ole-Ronkei) and Maasai Cultural Center-U.S.A. (Board Chair:  Daniel Reese).

Founding Director: Morompi Ole-Ronkei
Board of MCC-Kenya:
Josiah Ole-Kirisuah, Simon Ole-Meeli, Wilson Ole-Mosiany, Hellen Hkaissery, Johnstone Oltetia, Angeline Tennah

Board of MCC-USA:
Andrea Calahan, Doris Payne, Kathy Poole, Daniel Reese, Jeff Seldon, Gail Winterman

Previous Activities
In recent years, the Maasai Cultural Center has sponsored story-telling events for urban Maasai children, and assisted with the sponsorship of a Maasai dance group that toured the USA in 1996.

Current Activities
    Maasai Dictonary and Text Project