University of Oregon - Department of Architecture - ARCH 424/524 Cheng - Advanced Design Development Media

Assignments Summary

Each student will be responsible for producing a Website on an aspect of Maybeck Architecture, model components and a 3D model of a particular room, building or site. Bring drafts to class. Assignments are planned to maximize sharing of class data, so timely hand-ins are important.

The short descriptions listed below are preliminary and subject to revision.


Assignment 1 Web Page (Golive with Photoshop)


Select an aspect of Maybeck architecture to explore and create a web page which expresses your interpretation of the aspect.

Technical: Golive: publishing, text, color, images, links, image maps, rollovers Photoshop: Web file formats, selection sets & image editing, layers

Content: Sequence of images to create a narrative, Use collaged images to provide a sense of place


Assignment 2 Diagrams (FormZ and GoLive)


Working from photos, drawings and textual information, create 2D and 3D diagrams which explain aspects of Maybeck architecture. Integrate the images onto your web page.

Technical: Get acquainted with 2D drafting and 3D modeling in FormZ

Content: Analyze the building and express concepts in diagrams


Assignment 3 3D Library Elements (FormZ)


Create 3D models of elements from Maybeck architecture that will be useful for building complete 3D models.

Technical: Become comfortable with 3D modeling, get to know more advanced features

Content: Understand the underlying geometry behind architectural compositions


Assignment 4 Rendered Model of Room or Building (FormZ, Lightscape Option)


Create a fully developed 3D model from partial information.

Initially students will model components of Maybeck Architecture which will be posted to the Web. Drawing on these components, each student will be responsible for creating and rendering a 3D model of an interior hall or an unbuilt house.

Technical: Use modeling & rendering tools (Lightscape Option)

Content: Structure a 3D model to allow analytical understanding


Assignment 5 Analytical or Surreal Graphics (FormZ & Photoshop)


Returning to the initial Web topic, develop a complete Web presentation using the classes’ 3D models.

Option 1) Expand the initial Web report by making graphic comparisons between similar designs.

For example, compare sections from each of the Maybeck’s halls and show how the framing varied according to time and circumstance (budget, material availability, etc.).

Option 2) Create a series of imaginary spaces in the spirit of Maybeck by building with 3D elements and collaging 2D rendered views and photography. Develop the links between spaces using image maps, VRML or animated walk-through along with a supporting narrative.

Technical: Use lighting, viewpoints & animation to create a complete description of the project.

Content: Examine how graphics can increase understanding of architectural composition & construction or create new kinds of spatial relationships.


Assignment 6 Interactive Multimedia (GoLive, Photoshop, FormZ)


Generate and combine interactive elements to increase the impact of your site.

Technical: Adding audio, video, JavaScript, DHTML animation, Web site management, (CSS, QT & Forms as time allows)

Content: Understand strategies for maximizing the effect of feedback.