University of Oregon - Department of Architecture - ARCH 424/524 Cheng - Advanced Design Development Media

Assignment 2

2D & 3D Diagrams

Class Review hand-in Tuesday Jan 25 by 9:00 a.m.: 110 Willamette

  • Technical: Beginners get acquainted with 2D drafting and 3D modeling in FormZ, More advanced students translate sources into original graphics
  • Content: Analyze the building and express concepts in diagrams

Express Essentials:  Haiku or Sonnet

Show essential aspects of the topic and its context in Bernard Maybeck's architecture.
For example, if you are studying an element such as a fireplace, you can look at characteristics of a single examples (such as geometry, construction, components) as well as the context in which they operates, showing the location in plan and section. (See Mark Maddalina's study of a Frank Lloyd Wright's house on reserve)

Examine how systems such as spatial order, structural hierarchy, vehicular traffic, pedestrian circulation, thermal dynamics, construction sequence, etc. can be clearly expressed. Brainstorm with your classmates to figure out the most important aspects of your topic. Search the web to find the highest quality diagrams that relate to what you need to portray.  By Thursday, e-mail your classmates & tutors to share them.

In creating a diagram, can you find the view which reveals the most? Which ideas are enhanced by the abstraction of flat 2D graphics and which are best shown with 3D forms?

Using FormZ, create a set of at least 3 two dimensional diagrams or drawings which carefully use lineweight, color, and value to emphasize the key aspects of the design.

Complement this with a set of at least 3 three-dimensional images which clearly explain an aspect of your building.

Students familiar with FormZ should use this exercise to generate original graphics and models from the source material.

Carefully layout your images in an HTML page and flesh out the story of your topic. Include a link to the best relevant example(s) you found through the web search.


Groh, Paul, "Computer Visualization as a Tool for the Conceptual Understanding of Architecture", from ACADIA'97 Representation and Design, Cincinnati, OH, 1997.

Mark Maddalina, Computer visualization as a tool for the critical analysis of architecture : a case study of Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin D. Martin house, Sear-Brown Group, Buffalo, 1999.

M. Saleh Uddin, Digital Architecture, New York: McGraw-Hill 1999. See chapters on Conceptual and Analytic graphics.

Museum of Modern Art, The Un-private House exhibition website, 1999 

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