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4 Diagrams


I. Highlights from Assignment 1

Student Sites

II. Assignment 2

III. Criteria for Diagrams



Consistency within a set of diagrams (Uddin's analytical diagrams)

Brevity: economy of means allows re-interpretation (i.e. "tree")

IV. Language of diagrams

2D shape (linear, curved, blocky, etc.) 3D form (geometric, organic, cloud)
Lineweight Dimension (thickness, height, depth)
Color (hue, saturation, value) Color
Pattern Texture
Transparency, Overlap Material properties (i.e. shininess, texture, transparency)
Layout Frame View type (ortho, axon, perspective)
Grid Datum (i.e. ground plane)

V. Examples of diagrams (by purpose)

VI. FormZ Interface for beginners 

What parts of the FormZ interface are similar to other programs such as Netscape & Photoshop? 

What parts of FormZ's interface are different from other programs? 

Special quirks: 

Overview:  Common Operations 

Online FormZ Tutorials 

FOR THURSDAY: Vote for favorite site, e-mail class with best external diagrams link.

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