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Ordering from Vendor Websites

Use the websites listed below to locate the products you want.  Many of these vendors offer online ordering, so copy the link to your Requisition Form when you locate the items.  Several of these vendors are set-up to allow you to create your own order and forward it to your Buyer to authorize.  Contact us for login information for these vendors, including Sigma-Aldrich, Fisher Scientific, VWR International and others.

Selected vendors have special pricing and packages for the University that are not offered on their retail or consumer sites.  For instance, at Dell Computer's Premier site, they offer computers and systems customized and discounted specifically for educational use. 

To access this information, you must initially create a new profile at their site using our access ID and password (link available upon request); on subsequent visits, you can access their UO site (Dell/Premier) directly without having to re-enter any information.  Upon your request, we will send you detailed instructions to use these and other sites.


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Fisher Scientific (Acros)

 VWR International

Alfa Aesar

Acros Organics
(order from Fisher Scientific)

TCI America

Lancaster Synthesis

GFS Chemicals

Pressure Chemical

Strem Chemicals

Cambridge Isotope

City Chemical

Spectrum Chemical

New England Biolabs

ICN Biomedicals

Pfaltz & Bauer

Oakwood Products
organics with emphasis
on fluorochemicals

Aurora Fine Chemicals
new 04/2005
offering complex multi-step chemical synthesis
using novel and rare organic compounds:

• Heterocyclic compounds (N-, S-, O-, P-
and B-containing cyclic compounds)
• Side chain substituted cyclic and
aromatic compounds
• Stereoisomeric pure carbohydrates
and nucleosides
• Acyclic compounds

National Diagnostics

For more than 20 years National Diagnostics
has kept a focus on “green” chemistry,
allowing researchers to emphasize environmental
responsibility without compromising quality.

Our biodegradable scintillation cocktails
dramatically reduce the amount of hazardous waste produced in a given experiment, and our cleaning solvent alternatives allow users to eliminate the use of xylene, toluene and other harmful solvents.

new 04/2005

an independent, technology-based company
 specializing in the production of innovative
biochemical and pharmaceutical compounds
and the development of manufacturing processes.

Amino Acid Derivatives, Resins, Linkers and Reagents; Bioactive Peptides; Chromogenic and Other Substrates; Enzyme Inhibitors and Substrates; Organic Compounds; Immunology Products.

Chemical Search Engines

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(added 10/2010)

resource for researching chemistry on the internet
chemical search engine
chemical directory
and online buyers guide
chemical search engine
chemical search engine
chemical manufacturer directory

chemical search engine
The internet navigator for
the chemical industry

the directory of chemistry
sponsored by the Department of Chemistry
at the University of Sheffield, England
Spectral Database for
Organic Compounds, SDBS

UO Guidelines for
Hazardous Material Disposal

UO Environmental Health & Safety

UO Guidelines for
Chemical Hygiene

UO Environmental Health & Safety


UO Reuse Chemical Database
chemicals available onsite
(password required)
contact EH&S for access


Lab Supplies

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Fisher Scientific
lab supplies & equipment
VWR International
lab supplies & equipment
Spectrum Chemical
lab supplies & equipment
ChemGlass Quark Glass Ace Glass
Corning glassware Clear Concepts glassware
(send e-mail to vendor)
Kimble-Kontes glass Wilmad-LabGlass
Sorbent Technologies Silicycle MSC Industrial
Cole-Parmer Omega Engineering Global Industrial Equipment
Ted Pella Duniway Stockroom Electron Microscopy Sciences
McMaster-Carr Supply

Thermionics Labs

Grainger Supply

SPI Supplies
(aka Structure Probes)

Swagelok fittings
(from Portland Valve)

Kurt J. Lesker Co.
Agilent Technologies
(chemical analysis store)
(added 12/2005)

Pipettes, Calibration and lab supplies

largest US distributor of industrial,
medical and specialty gases

Lab Equipment

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Fisher Scientific VWR International
lab supplies & equipment
Spectrum Chemical National Instruments Metrohm-Peak

Varian, Inc.

TA Instruments MDC Vacuum

Agilent Technologies

Allied Electronics
electronic components

Cole-Parmer Instruments
discounted items
used Barnstead equipment
Strategic Directions Int'l
analytical instrument links
  Scientific Equipment Exchange
surplus lab equipment


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CVI Laser

Thor Labs


New Focus

Melles Griot

Coherent Laser

Molectron Detector/Coherent

Ophir Optronics



Kentek Corporation
Laser Safety products;
click here to select Goggles

Edmund Optics

optical filters

International Crystal

Omega Optical

Electro-Optical Products
(added 01/2005)
components and systems for
optical modulation and scanning

(directory of)
Photonics vendors

Lamps and Bulbs

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"name brand bulbs for less"
added 1/2010:
Online retailer for LCD and DLP projectors lamps. Discounts are available for
all educational institutions.
"your internet bulb provider"
"competitive prices, quality items, and great customer service"
"THE place to find ANY Light Bulb"
"bulb & lamp replacements for microscopes and equipment"

"specialty bulbs plus rare projector lamps"
"quality products delivered quickly"
"pay less, expect more"
"the world's leading supplier of bulbs, batteries
and related lighting products"
"we've got your bulb":
Nikon, Osram, American Optical, Zeiss,
Olympus, Unitron, Swift, Bausch and Lomb
"we can save you money on ALL your lamps needs;
lowest price guarantee"
"your source for savings on a variety of lamps"
Lamp FAQ's and Tips Bulb and Lamp
online reference library
Light Bulbs Jokes and Light Humor


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®  Dell Computers/Premier

This site has pricing
discounted specifically for the
University of Oregon;
usually the BEST price
of all the Dell sites.

retail site!
(for consumer sales only)

UO Bookstore Specials
at the Apple Store

special deals,
items available on campus
(site is updated frequently)

®  The Apple Store for Education
(click on Find your College or University
in the Shop for your School section)

This site has pricing
discounted specifically for the
University of Oregon;

retail site
(for consumer sales only)

Dell Computers/Outlet Store
refurbished computers
Dell Computers/WSCA
special pricing through the
Western States Contracting Alliance
(compare with the Dell/Premier site)
Dell Computers/Higher Education
special pricing for Higher Education
(compare with the Dell/Premier site)


portables and more

Most IBM computers are
now sold by Lenovo

(visit also the IBM HigherEducation site,
but it offers only limited product selection)
Polywell Computers
retail site
UO Bookstore
retail site


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(Premium page)
computer components

PC Mall/Gov
(CAP site; requires password
for shopping)
Mac Zone/Gov
computers & peripherals
computers & peripherals
PC Mall/Gov
(regular site; no password)

Micro/Mac Warehouse
computer components
computer components
computer memory

Small Dog Electronics
and their Small Dog friends

Office Imaging
1900-A W 7th Ave, Eugene;
copiers, printers, fax machines;
Your SOURCE for Technology Information
Other World Computing
Mac components
B & H Photo
Digital Cameras, Camcorders, TV's,
Home Theater, DVD Players, Apple iPods
Newark Electronics
Mouser Electronics Digi-Key
Vernier Software
and Technology

data interfaces
Allied Electronics
electronic components
new listing 09/2004
security ID labels
for computers & electronics

Software, etc.

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a new site from OETC for Students
to buy software
at a discount.

(a NEW site; check back often for
updates and additions to their products.


Discounted Software
(and hardware)

SigmaPlot software
from SPSS
(educational discounts available)

ChemOffice software
from CambridgeSoft
(educational discounts available)

EndNote software
from ISI ResearchSoft
(educational discounts available)
download free database
search engine


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books + more
book search

Barnes &
search books
by UPC code or ISBN
Powell's Books
out-of-print books A1Tech Books
UO Bookstore All Books 4
  The Library of Congress
Online Catalogs

Office Supplies

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Office Max
Enterprise Solutions

office products
follow this link to the company formerly known as
Boise Cascade

Office Depot
office products
office products
Corporate Express
office products
retail site
Corporate Express E-Way
UO site with discounts
(needs a UO login and password)
office products
(this is their retail site, and is
related to our UO site shown above)

Search Engines

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web search
web search
web search
The Photonics Directory
manufacturer locator
chemical search engine
web search
ISC Buyer's Guide
product search
Buyer's Index
product search
Physics Today
Buyer's Guide

product search
technical products

(directory of)
scientific manufacturers

website links

chemical search engine
web search
internet shopping

NIOSH/Pocket Guide To
Chemical Hazards (NPG)

index of chemical info

Online Phone Books
UO site, linked to web

UPC Database
(added 4/2006)
search for UPC Barcodes

Area Codes and Zip Codes

Price Comparisons

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Price Watch
search engine
price comparisons
price comparisons
price comparisons
price comparisons
search engine
(also see Google)
user reviews and

Consumer Reports
Ratings, Buying Guides & Product Reviews
requires a subscription
(contact us for access)

PC Magazine
How To Buy New and
Used Books For Less
PC Magazine
product guides
Free Coupons and
Online Promotions
Vendor Coupons

Scientific Information

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American Chemical Society
Sheffield Chemdex
links to USA universities
Journal of Chemical Education
articles and activities useful in
classrooms and laboratories
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Information for Researchers

"an independent product information resource for
laboratory scientists, featuring the latest news and
user's views on products,
as well as allowing visitors to leave their opinions
on products they use."

National Science Foundation
"Where Discoveries Begin"
AVS Science and Technology Society
"catalyzing information between people to advance the science and technology of tomorrow"
American Physical Society
"for the advancement and diffusion
of knowledge of physics"


Measurement Converters
(category added 11/2005)

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use these sites to convert:
distance, weight, currency, capacity, volume,
area, temperature, pressure, energy, power,
, time, velocity, angles, heat, fluid, sound,
light, electrical, magnetic and radiology units


Currency Conversion
Currency Conversion

Math Tools and Calculators

Periodic Table of the Elements

Shipment Tracking

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shipment tracking

DHL (Airborne Express)
shipment tracking

shipment tracking

FedEx Rate Finder
compare delivery options
Roadway Express
shipment tracking
US Postal Service
all-in-one package tracking
Motor Cargo Trucking BAX Global
  U.S. Department of Transportation
"Hazardous Materials" (table)
Title 49, Chapter 1, Part 172, Section.101
(also see our searchable PDF version here)

Institution Policy

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UO Bid and
Proposal Procedures
UO Property Control UO Procurement Cards
UO Policies
more links here
UO Policy on
Equipment Warranties
and Reimbursement
WSCA Oregon
Western States Contracting Alliance

Institution Links

(updated 05/2010)

"Oregon Nanoscience and
Microtechnologies Institute"

UO Green Chemistry

The principles of green chemistry focus on reducing, recycling, or eliminating the use of toxic chemicals in chemistry by finding creative ways to minimize the human and environmental impact without stifling scientific progress.

"Center for Advanced Materials
Characterization in Oregon"

UO Chemistry

UO Materials Science Institute

UO Physical Chemistry

UO Polymer Chemistry UO Materials Chemistry

Oregon Center for Optics

UO Research Facilities

UO Center for Green Materials Chemistry

UO Institute of
Molecular Biology

UO Chemistry Research & Information Services (CRIS)

UO Institute of
Theoretical Science

UO Physics

UO Shared Laser Facility

UO Biology

UO Technical Science Administration (TSA)

UO Center for Ecology
and Evolutionary Biology

UO Chemical Physics Institute

UO Rock Camp

UO Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing Initiative [SNNI]

Mark Lonergan Group

UO Chemistry Faculty

"Greener Education Materials for Chemists"

"The database is designed as a comprehensive resource of education materials including laboratory exercises, lecture materials, course syllabi and multimedia content that illustrate chemical concepts important for green chemistry."

UO Chemistry Faculty Research

Jim Hutchison Lab

Geri Richmond Group


UO Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS)

UO Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

UO/NSF REU Program
Research Experiences for Undergraduates

UO Chemistry
Lecture Demonstrations

UO Office of
Technology Transfer

information on managing intellectual property

UO Chemistry

University of Oregon

(new site, added 12/2005)

a FREE service designed to help
find rides to work, events, school and more.

UO Bookstore

UO Department of Public Safety

Oregon Colleges
and Universities

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