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Northern Renaissance Art
Winter 1999
Art History 343
A. Acres


What follows is a selection of books, most in English, that deal with large bodies of the material covered in this course. It is intended as a preliminary resource for further reading and research on Northern Renaissance art. Monographs devoted to individual artists and projects are, for the most part, omitted. These may be located with relative ease through the bibliographies and citations of the books listed here, as well as through Janus, databases, and other bibliographic resources.

The bibliography is ordered by the following categories:

* General
* Bohemia/Central Europe/International Gothic
* The Netherlands
* France
* Germany
* Graphic Arts
* Iconography
* Collections



Alexander, J.J. G. Medieval Illuminators and Their Methods of Work. New Haven, 1992.

Belting, H. Likeness and Presence: A History of the Image before the Era of Art. Trans. E. Jephcott. Chicago, 1994.

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Van Os, H. et al. The Art of Devotion in the Late Middle Ages in Europe 1300-1500. Princeton, 1994.

Wieck, R.S. Time Sanctified: The Book of Hours in Medieval Art and Life. New York, 1988.


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Bohemia/ Central Europe/ International Gothic

Bachmann, E. Gothic Art in Bohemia. New York, 1977.

Baltimore, Walters Art Gallery. The International Style: The Arts in Europe Around 1400. Baltimore, 1962.

Cologne, Schnütgen Museum. Kunst der Gotik aus Böhmen. Cologne, 1985.

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-----. Court, Cloister, and City: The Art and Culture of Central Europe, 1450-1800. Chicago, 1995.

Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum. Europäische Kunst um 1400 (L'art européen vers 1400). Vienna, 1962.


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The Netherlands

Ainsworth, M.W. et al. From Van Eyck to Bruegel: Early Netherlandish Painting in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, 1998.

Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum. Art Before Iconoclasm: North Netherlandish Art 1525-1580. Amsterdam, 1986.

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Bauman, G. Early Flemish Portraits 1425-1525 (Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Spring, 1986). New York, 1986.

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Blum, S. Early Netherlandish Triptychs. Berkeley, 1969.

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Campbell, L. The Fifteenth-Century Netherlandish Schools. London, 1998.

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Detroit, Institute of Art. Flanders in the Fifteenth Century: Art and Civilization. Detroit, 1960.

Falkenburg, R. The Fruit of Devotion: Mysticism and the Imagery of Love in Flemish Paintings of the Virgin and Child. Amsterdam, 1994.

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-----. Early Netherlandish Painting from Van Eyck to Bruegel. London, 1952.

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Husband, T. The Luminous Image: Painted Glass Roundels in the Lowlands, 1480-1560. New York, 1995.

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-----. Flemish Painting Outside Bruges, 1400-1500: An Annotated Bibliography. Boston, 1986.

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Les Primitifs flamands, corpus de la peinture des anciens Pays-Bas méridionaux au quinzième siècle. (Ongoing project, many vols.)

Sander, J. "Die Entdeckung der Kunst": Niederländische Kunst des 15. und 16. Jahrhunderts in Frankfurt. Mainz, 1995.

Vaughan, R. Valois Burgundy. Hamden, 1974.

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Wolfthal, D. The Beginnings of Early Netherlandish Canvas Paintings 1400-1530. Cambridge, 1989.


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Blunt, A. Art and Architecture in France 1500-1700. Harmondsworth, 1980.

Laclotte, M. L'école d'Avignon: la peinture en Provence aux XIVe et XVe siècles. Paris, 1960.

Mâle, E. L'Art réligieux de la fin du moyen age en France. Paris, 1925.

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Ring, G. A Century of French Painting 1400-1500. London, 1949.

Sterling, C. La peinture médievale à Paris 1300-1500. 2 vols. Paris, 1987.


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Baxandall, M. The Limewood Sculptors of Renaissance Germany. New Haven, 1980.

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Zehnder, F. Katalog der altkölner Malerei. Kataloge des Wallraf-Richartz Museums 11. Cologne, 1990.


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Graphic Arts

Andersson, C. and Talbot, C. From a Mighty Fortress: Prints, Drawings, and Books in the Age of Luther 1483-1546. Detroit, 1983.

Bartrum, G. The German Renaissance Print. London, 1995.

Bartsch, A. Le peintre-graveur. 21 vols. Vienna, 1803-21.

-----. The Illustrated Bartsch. Many vols. New York, 1978-- . (Illustrates, revises, expands Bartsch)

Field, R. Fifteenth-Century Woodcuts and Metalcuts. Washington, 1965.

Geisberg, M. Der deutsche Einblatt-Holzschnitt in der ersten Hälfte des XVI. Jahrhunderts. Munich, 1923-30.

Goddard, S. The World in Miniature: Engravings by the German Little Masters 1500-1550. Lawrence, 1988.

Hind, A.M. An Introduction to a History of Woodcut. London, 1935.

-----. A Short History of Engraving and Etching. London, 1923.

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-----. German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts 1400-1700. Many vols. Amsterdam, 1954--.

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Zerner, Henri; Grivel, M. and Burlingham, C. The French Renaissance in Prints. Los Angeles, 1994.


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Grössinger, C. Picturing Women in Late Medieval and Renaissance Art. Manchester, 1997.

Hall, J. Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art. New York, 1979.

Jameson, A. Legends of the Madonna. London, 1852.

Kirschbaum, E. et al. Lexikon der Christlichen Ikonographie. Freiburg-im-Breisgau, 1968-72.

Marle, R. van. L'iconographie de l'art profane au moyen-age et à la Renaissance. The Hague, 1931.

Marrow, J. Passion Iconography in Northern European Art of the Later Middle Ages and the Early Renaissance. Kortrijk, 1979.

Réau, L. L'iconographie de l'art chrétien. Paris, 1957.

Schiller, G. Iconography of Christian Art. 2 vols. Trans. J. Seligmann. London, 1971-72.

Voragine, Jacobus da. The Golden Legend: Readings on the Saints. 2 vols. Trans. W.G. Ryan. Princeton, 1993.


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Among the prime sources for recent scholarship in the field are the catalogues (both permanent collection and special exhibition) of the museums that own the works. The collections listed below, whose publications can be identified through Janus and other bibliographic resources, have some of the most noteworthy holdings in Northern Renaissance art.




    Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten
    Museum Mayer van den Bergh http://www.dma.be/cultuur/museum_mvdb/index.html


    Walters Art Gallery http://www.thewalters.org/


    Kunstmuseum http://www.kunstmuseumbasel.ch/


    Gemäldegalerie, Staatliche Museen Preussischer Kulturbesitz


    Museum of Fine Arts http://www.mfa.org/home.html




    Musée Royale des Beaux-Arts


    Fogg Museum http://www.artmuseums.harvard.edu/Fogg_Pages/FoggMain.html


    Art Institute http://www.artic.edu/


    Museum of Art http://www.clemusart.com/


    Wallraf-Richartz Museum
    Schnütgen Museum


    Musée des Beaux-Arts




    Galleria degli Uffizi http://www.uffizi.firenze.it/welcomeE.html


    Städelsches Kunstinstitut


    Musée d'Art et d'Histoire


    Frans Hals Museum

The Hague





    Stedelijk Museum (De Lakenhal)


    National Gallery
    Courtauld Institute


    Museo del Prado
    Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection (formerly in Lugano)


    Alte Pinakothek
    Bayerisches Nationalmuseum

New York

    Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Frick Collection


    Germanisches Nationalmuseum


    Musée du Louvre
    Musée Cluny


    Philadelphia Museum of Art


    Národní galerie v Praze


    Museum Boymans-van Beuningen


    Aartsbischoppelijk Museum
    Centraal Museum


    Kunsthistorisches Museum


    National Gallery of Art

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