I. Intro

II. Radiosity Definitions & Comparisons

III. Procedures

IV. Equipment

V. Luminaires

VI. Materials

VII. Design Process

VIII. Resources




IV.  Required Equipment

A. Radiosity software

  • Radiance (Unix, Windows)
  • Lightscape Visualization System (Win/SGI)
  • FormZ Raydiozity (Mac/Win)
  • Lumen-Micro (Win)
  • others

B. Geometric Modeling software

  • 3D Studio Max
  • FormZ
  • AutoCad
  • Design Workshop
  • Strata Studio Pro
  • others
Lightscape Block libraries

C. Hardware requirements for Lightscape

  • A powerful Windows computer with lots of RAM, a compatible OpenGL graphics card
  • Hard-disk space for installed app, files, back-up