MOTION US03/04-2 - Addition of University Senate members to Notification List for notices of intended action regarding OARs.

Proposed by: Gina Psaki, Romance Languages For action at: October 8, 2003 University Senate meeting Motion regarding notification of rules changes. REVISED VERSION OF 10-06-03

Be it MOVED that:

  • (a) Upon passage of this motion by the Senate, the Secretary shall submit to the Rules Coordinator the names and addresses (email and campus mail) of all members of the Senate, requesting that those names be added to the Notification List of persons to receive notices of changes in OARs as defined in ORS 183.330.
  • (b) Each year, within 48 hours of election of new Senators, the Secretary of the Senate shall submit the names and addresses of all members of the Senate for inclusion on the List defined in (a)
  • (c) Following Senate elections, the Secretary will notify each departing Senator by e-mail that his/her name will be dropped from the List unless he/she responds to the e-mail letter, requesting to have his/her name remain on the List.
  • (d) Should the Rules Coordinator use e-mail to notify of OAR changes, and should an e-mail letter be returned as undeliverable, the Rules Coordinator will repeat the notification by means of campus mail. 
    Passed at the 8 October meeting of the Senate
    This is a revised version -- if you need to view the previous version it can be found at 
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