MOTION US03/04-2 - Addition of University Senate members to Notification List for notices of intended action regarding OARs.

Proposed by: Gina Psaki, Romance Languages For action at: October 8, 2003 University Senate meeting

Be it MOVED that:

Explanation from relevant legislation (abbreviated) found at

ORS 183.330

  • (2) Each state agency that adopts rules shall appoint a rules coordinator and file a copy of that appointment with the Secretary of State. The rules coordinator shall:
  • (c) Keep and make available the mailing list required by ORS 183.335 (8).

    ORS 183.335 (8)

  • Any person may request in writing that an agency mail to the person copies of its notices of intended action given pursuant to subsection (1) of this section. Upon receipt of any request the agency shall acknowledge the request, establish a mailing list and maintain a record of all mailings made pursuant to the request. Agencies may establish procedures for establishing and maintaining the mailing lists current and, by rule, establish fees necessary to defray the costs of mailings and maintenance of the lists.

    ORS 183.335 (1)

  • (1) Prior to the adoption, amendment or repeal of any rule, the agency shall give notice of its intended action:
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