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Mar 10, 2009

- Tell who is in your group?, sign up for a conference, share a presentation review, a resource on the Wiki.

Eportfolio Design Criteria , extra credit and review emails clarify how to tune your final work. 

- Optional quiz, teaching assessment survey, and grades are on Blackboard, with Feb. 28 grade details here.  

- Feb 23 lecture notes are online on the Syllabus Overview and in the Course Folder.

Essential skills:



    See our top our top work from the term!  

Guest presentations:
- Erik Hegre's Digital Master Builders video reference
- Davina Camardo's presentation 
- Nancy Clark Brown's BIM and Sustainable Design draft
- Brienne Wasmer's photoshop techniques
- Heather Rusch's diagrams
- Brett Holverstott's rendering technique

- Get tech books from 175 McK.
- How to access the Course Folder on the AAAFILESERVER.
- See who is your assigned tutor.
Grading notes are linked to the Requirements page.
- Download Revit Architecture for Windows or Archicad for Mac/Win

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