University of Oregon - Department of Architecture - ARCH 408/508 Cheng, Summer 1998

Objective: To understand the relationship between 3D forms & 2D drawings conventions

III. 2D to 3D, 3D to 2D

I. Review of Student Work

II. Review of past lessons

Precision snaps Drawing with dimensions E for end, C for close

III. 3D to 2D

A. Sections & Elevation projections

B. Deriving Contour lines

C. Modeling to Drafting, Drafting to Modeling

TRY IT: House.fmz

IV. 2D to 3D

A. Derivative Objects
7.3 from parts of other objects 7.5 Parallel objects

B. Openings & Protrusions

TRY IT: Simple roof forms with openings
1 2 3

C. Lathed objects
(TUT 8.1)

D. Sweeps

Axial 2 source 9.2 2 path 9.3

Boundary (open source 9.4)

TRY IT: wine glass or chess piece

E. Contour lines to terrain models

TRY IT: Create a terrain model

F. Image files


TRY IT: Derifvative objects from a scan

Assignment 3:  Scanned Sketch into Form

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