Your individual project for this class may stress either process or product. It must relate to your immediate or long term goals. It may be more personal or more professional. For example, students have chosen to focus on:

Most students have chosen topic based reports using topics from report topics page.

Some have chosen topics from class topics that were treated only in passing.

A few have used the ideas from lectures and exercises to develop more personal work such as:

developing resources for literature review for their capstone project - finding, storing, retrieving information on predefined topics. (content and/or processes stressed)

developing a personal information base to make them immediately employable. (products - portfolios, webpages, resumes, databases)

developing ability to perform and presentation before a group with less fear (process and performance)

develop personal time management system to analyze and improve use of time.

do several more mini research experiences to determine most effective research strategies to use in completing their capstone or professional project

develop a more complete description and experience of chosen research strategies for capstone or for planned professional project.

interview and analyze interviews of selected professionals to determine future career path

create visual symbolic objects to better analyze and "know self" to determine future life path

These are examples to illustrate wide range of acceptable foci. In every case, the rationale, plan of action, and goals for each portion of action plan should be clear. A concise time line for each portion of the action plan must be advanced. You do not need to know what the RESULTS will be only WHAT YOU PLAN TO DO, WHY YOU PLAN TO DO IT, IN WHAT ORDER OR TIME RELATIONSHIPS WILL ELEMENTS OF YOUR PLAN BE EXECUTED. Contract draft for the individual project is due the second class period of the term. Completed contract is due fourth class period.


I, _______________, on this date________________ commit to do the following individual project


Rationale for choice relative to class:

Rationale for Immediate or Long Term Usefulness to YOU:

Detailed time line or project management outline for accomplishment of project:

For each of the above sections attach supporting documents.