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ArH 322 The Art of Ancient Greece Fall 2000

Primary Texts:
W. Biers, The Archaeology of Greece (2nd ed.)

T. Rasmussen and N. Spivey, eds. Looking at Greek Vases

M. Robertson, A Shorter History of Greek Art

On Reserve:
J. Boardman, Athenian Black Figure Vases: The Archaic Period
J. Boardman, Athenian Red Figure Vases: The Archaic Period
J. Boardman, Greek Sculpture: The Archaic Period
J. Boardman, Greek Sculpture: The Classical Period
J. Boardman, Greek Sculpture: The Late Classical Period
J. Hurwit, The Art and Culture of Early Greece, 1100-480 B.C.

S. Langdon, ed., From Pasture to Polis
R. Osborne, Archaic and Classical Greek Art

J.G. Pedley, Greek Art and Archaeology

J. J. Pollitt, Art in the Hellenistic Age
R.R.R. Smith, Hellenistic Sculpture

A. Regular Attendance and Assigned Readings
B. Midterm, Final Examination
C. A research paper, 5-7 pages in length, may be substituted for the essay portion of the final examination. The paper must be written on a topic that I approve in advance, and it must be submitted to me no later than the last day of class (12/1). This option may be exercised at any time before (but not after) October 23.

Note: If you have a documented disability and anticipate the need for accomodations in this course, please meet with me as soon as possible. In addition, please request that the Counselor for Students with Disabilities (Hilary Gerdes, X6-3211) send a letter verifying your disability if she has not already done so.


Part One: Art in the Bronze Age

9/25 Introduction: The Miniature Fresco from Thera and the Cultures of the Aegean

9/27 The Emergence of Civilization in the Aegean: The Cycladic Idol

    Biers, 13-22; Pedley, 28-43

9/29 The Palatial Context and the Genres of Minoan and Mycenaean Art

    Biers, 23-43, 62-78; Pedley, 44-61

10/2 The Representation of Nature in Minoan and Mycenaean Art

    Pedley, 62-101

10/4 Mortals and Immortals

    Biers, 43-61, 78-96

10/6 The Formulaic Qualities of Aegean Art: The Theme of the Beseiged City


Part Two: Early Greek Art

10/9 The "Dark Age:" The Rebirth of Representation

    Biers, 97-109; Robertson, 1-4; Hurwit, in Langdon, 14-42

10/11 The Problem of Narrative in Late Geometric Art

    Coldstream, in Rasmussen and Spivey, 37-56; Biers, 110-131

10/13 Narrative Strategies in "Orientalizing" Art

    Biers, 132-153

10/16 Case Study: Reading the Chigi Vase

    Rasmussen in Rasmussen and Spivey, 57-78

10/18 The Status of the Greek Vase and Vase-Painter

Robertson and Beard, in Rasmussen and Spivey, 1-35; Boardman in Rasmussen and Spivey, 79-102;

Biers, 178-188.


10/23 Case Studies in Black Figure and Red: The Amasis Painter and Euphronios

    Robertson, 31-36, 60-71; Boardman, Athenian Black Figure, 52-58; Athenian Red Figure (Archaic), 29-36; Hemelrijk, in Rasmussen and Spivey, 233-256

10/25-27 Korai, Kouroi, and Chronology

    Hurwit, Art and Culture, 179-202; Robertson, 9-13; Boardman, Greek Sculpture: Archaic, 63-81

10/30 Reconstructing the Archaic Sculptor: Archermos of Chios and Antenor

    Robertson, 14-31; Boardman, Greek Sculpture: Archaic, 82-87

11/1 Architectural Sculpture in the Sixth and Early Fifth Centuries

    Biers, 165-177; Robertson, 40-50; Hurwit, Art and Culture, 292-307


Part Three: High Classical Art

11/3 From the Kritios Boy to the Doryphoros

    Osborne, 157-169; Biers 214-224; Robertson, 50-60

11/6 The Rise of Free Painting: The Works of Polygnotos

    Biers, 236-242; Robertson, 71-79; Williams, in Rasmussen and Spivey, 103-118

11/8 Dike and Resonance: the Sculptures of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia

    Osborne, 169-174; Robertson, 79-89

11/10-13 Thematic Resonance on the Classical Acropolis

    Hurwit, Athenian Acropolis, 222-234; Biers 225-236; Boardman, Greek Sculpture: Classical, 90-112

11/15-17 The Art of the Late Fifth Century

    Osborne, 189-203; Robertson, 106-130; Burn, in Rasmussen and Spivey, 118-130


Part Four: Late Classical and Hellenistic Art

11/20 The Arts of the Fourth Century

    Biers, 247-283

11/22 Praxiteles, Skopas, and Lysippos: The End of the Classical

    Osborne, 205-235; Robertson, 138-143, 157-172

11/24 Thanksgiving Vacation: No class

11/27- 12/1 The Themes of Hellenistic Art

    Biers, 284-325; Robertson, 183-208; Pollitt, 1-18



Additional Suggested Readings:
J. D. Beazley, The Development of Attic Black Figure
P. Betancourt, The History of Minoan Pottery
J. Boardman, Athenian Red Figure Vases: The Classical Period
D. Castriota, Myth, Ethos, and Actuality: Official Art in Fifth-Century Athens
J. N. Coldstream, Geometric Greece
O.T.P.K. Dickinson, The Aegean Bronze Age
C. Doumas, Thera: Pompeii of the Ancient Aegean
C. Doumas, The Wall-Paintings of Thera
B. H. Fowler, The Hellenistic Aesthetic
S. Hood, The Arts in Prehistoric Greece
J. Hurwit, The Athenian Acropolis: History, Mythology and Archaeology
S. Immerwahr, Aegean Painting in the Bronze Age
L. Morgan, The Miniature Wall-Paintings of Thera
S. Morris, Daidalos and the Origins of Greek Art
J. J. Pollitt, The Ancient View of Greek Art
J. J. Pollitt, Art and Experience in Classical Greece
J. J. Pollitt, The Art of Greece: Sources and Documents
N. Marinatos, Minoan Religion
B. S. Ridgway, The Archaic Style in Greek Sculpture
B. S. Ridgway, The Severe Style in Greek Sculpture
B. S. Ridgway, Fifth-Century Styles in Greek Sculpture
B. S. Ridgway, Hellenistic Sculpture, I
B.S. Ridgway, Prayers in Stone: Greek Architectural Sculpture (ca. 600-100 BCE)
M. Robertson, A History of Greek Art
M. Robertson, The Art of Vase-Painting in Classical Athens
A. Snodgrass, An Archaeology of Greece
B. Sparkes, Greek Pottery: An Introduction
N. Spivey, Greek Art
N. Spivey, Understanding Greek Sculpture
A. F. Stewart, Greek Sculpture: An Exploration
W. Taylour, The Mycenaeans
E. Vermeule, Greece in the Bronze Age

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