Assignment 2: 

Tech Research Web Report



In doing this assignment, students should achieve competency in

- finding, filtering, analyzing and synthesizing information for the design process

- creating an attractive and easy to navigate Web page

- discover technical constraints and affordances of specific computer technology



You are to create a class resource by researching within your given topic to find a focus relevant to the studio’s design problems.



Your report should address the following:

How does the social context of the technology affect how it is applied? 

How does the technology modify or enhances traditional patterns of activity? 

What constrains the technologies’ physical configuration and design?



1. Search information sources including periodical indices, online databases and the Web including:

2. Gather relevant articles, noting references & links.  Narrow your focus as you find an area of interest.
3. Select the most critical topics, aspects or issues; note your impressions & questions

4. Plan your web structure & file naming conventions

5. Thumbnail page layout possibilities, create graphics to make a template page. Or follow the class template page.

6. Create individual pages with text and graphics including

7. Check pages:  spelling, links, navigation hierarchy


Note:  Uploading other people’s images or words onto your site is NOT acceptable unless you have previously received permission.  You may include thumbnail images or short quotes that give reference to the original sources.



A website consisting of at least 5 linked pages uploaded to your Gladstone or Darkwing account.



First presentation:  Wednesday April 5 or Monday, April 10

Revisions due:  Monday May 8 (week 7) and Thursday June 1 (week 10)



intelligent building controls



small group <10 remote presentation tools

projection or whiteboard markup systems

large audience (20+) presentation / participation tools


interactive installation artwork

public participation artwork


wearable computers

personal digital assistants

intelligent appliances


remote music collaboration tools

language learning collaboration tools


view-through Virtual Reality systems

architectural applications of immersive Virtual Reality systems

3D sketching & modeling tools


Sketch interfaces

Haptic interfaces (touch)

Image based Modeling & Rendering




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