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Math Ability/Performance:
Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Abstracts

T. Andreescu, J. A. Gallian, J. M. Kane, and J. E. Mertz, Cross-cultural analysis of students with exceptional talent in mathematical problem solving
“This article presents for the first time a comprehensive compilation of data, including cross-cultural comparisons, regarding young people identified during the past twenty years as possessing profound aptitude for mathematics based upon their performances in extremely difficult examinations in mathematical problem solving. We show that many girls exist who possess such extremely high aptitude for mathematics. The frequency with which they are identified is due, at least in part, to a variety of socio-cultural, educational, or other environmental factors that differ significantly among countries and ethnic groups and can change over time. Girls were found to be 12%-24% of the children identified as having profound mathematical ability when raised under some conditions; under others, they were 30-fold or more underrepresented. Thus, we conclude that girls with exceptional mathematical talent exist; their identification and nurturing should be substantially improved so this pool of exceptional talent is not wasted.”
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