Notice of motion was given at the 1 December 1999 meeting of the UO Senate. The motion itself was received by Senate President Gilkey on 3 December 1999

US9900-7 Resolution regarding distribution of salary increases

Whereas, All faculty at the University of Oregon who satisfactorily perform their duties should receive regular salary increases that, at minimum, are equivalent to the increase in the Oregon cost of living index (COLA increases); and
Whereas, Faculty who perform their duties in a meritorius manner should be rewarded with periodic salary increases ("merit" increases) that reflect this contribution to the University and the State; and
Whereas, Merit increases should be over and above the increase necessary to maintain parity with the cost of living increase (COLA increase), i.e. they should represent real enhancements to the base salary of faculty members; and
Whereas, Merit increases for faculty members should not come at the expense of a pay cut (i.e. inadequate COLA increase) for other faculty who are performing satisfactory service (see example below); and
Whereas, Faculty morale is significantly enhanced by a perception of basic fairness and equity in University salary determination procedures; therefore, be it
Resolved, That the University Senate asks that the administration adopt written guidelines for the allocation of faculty salary increases according to the following principle: That funds available for salary increases will be first distributed such that all faculty who are satisfactorily performing their duties will receive a increase commensurate with the increase in the Oregon cost of living index since the last round of salary increases. Furthermore, only salary funds in excess of the amount needed to satisfy the above condition (i.e. full COLA increase) may be distributed in the form of "merit" or "retention" salary increases.
The following remarks are not part of the motion but were part of the accompanying material provided:  Stated another way, the principle in this resolution is that merit increases should be real enhancements to the faculty salary base reflecting faculty achievements, rather than a redistribution of faculty salaries in the form of pay cuts for those who do not receive an increase that keeps up with the cost of living index.

FINANCIAL IMPACT STATEMENT: This resolution does not require the expenditure of additional funds, nor does it result in cost savings. It would affect how salary increases are distributed, as described herein.

Sponsored by:

Senator Greg McLauchlan, Sociology;
Suzanne Clark, English;
Randall McGowen, History
See Report of the Senate Rules Committee on this resolution.
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