Motion US05/06-10 to adopt the Diversity Plan for the University of Oregon

Sponsored by: Senate Executive Committee (For Action: May 24, 2006)

Be it moved that the Diversity Plan for the University of Oregon, dated May 14, 2006, is hereby adopted by the University Senate.

Fiscal Impact Statement (from the "Structure of the Diversity Plan - Resources" section of the Diversity Plan):

Stipulations about specific allocations of University resources are beyond the scope of this the Diversity Plan. Although many of the strategic directions contained in the Diversity Plan will not require financial resources, success of some aspects of the Diversity Plan will depend both on finding new resources and on the creative and strategic reallocation of existing resources. Given the financial constraints on all University resources, reallocations of existing resources should be managed carefully to accomplish as much as possible, as cost-effectively as possible. The Diversity Plan identifies areas in which allocation of additional financial resources may be particularly useful, but the Diversity Plan does not determine the priority of these initiatives relative to other areas of critical financial need at the University. The University should make it a high priority to find new resources to commit to the strategic directions set forth in the Diversity Plan. OIED will review existing resources devoted to diversity matters to determine whether those resources are being used in the most effective way possible. The Provost will evaluate any funding for sufficiency and effectiveness. The Plan will be implemented with the full financial transparency appropriate to a public university.

The strategic directions ultimately contained in the Diversity Plan will not be forwarded as unfunded mandates to departments or units. Although the Diversity Plan identifies strategic directions to be carried out by academic and nonacademic units, and although some initiatives will be cost-neutral, the Diversity Plan does not assume that units will be asked to reach new goals with existing resources.

Passed 32-6 at the 24 May 2006 meeting of the UO Senate. The Diversity Plan refered to is posted on the web and further information is also available. 
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