IMD 4.002 Internal Management Directive on Post-Tenure Review

Recognizing that the quality of higher education is inextricably tied to the quality of faculty, the Board reaffirms its commitment to tenure, academic freedom, and maintaining an environment that supports sustained performance in teaching, research, and service. Further, the Board recognizes the rigorous, multi-year process to which probationary faculty submit prior to the awarding of tenure, as well as the numerous ways in which tenured faculty performance is reviewed thereafter (e.g., student ratings of instruction peer review of scholarly work, competitive sponsored research grants, juried exhibits and artistic performance. Nevertheless, for the purposes of more comprehensive review after tenure has been conferred and in accordance with the purpose stated in OAR 580-021-0140 each institution shall develop post-tenure review guidelines, which shall be filed with the Chancellor's Office. Institutional guidelines shall include, but not be limited to: