Senate Budget Committee

The following information was provided by Secretary of the Senate Gwen Steigelman from the minutes of the 13 May 1992 meeting:

Charge The Senate Fiscal Planning Committee (Budget Committee) will inform itself about issues that affect the financial well-being of the University. It will advise the President and the Senate on budgetary policy and long-term financial strategies, and will keep the University Senate informed about financial matters. The committee will develop and maintain a broad overview of the University's budget, paying particular attention to General Funds (i.e. State appropriations and tuition and fees). Not a forum for special pleading regarding budgetary intersts of particular departments or programs, this committee will not make allocation decisions per se; rather, it is intended to become the University's primary agency for faculty and student participation in fiscal policy. The budget committee may initiate the study of financial issues.

Membership and Meetings In accordance with standard Senate procedure for floor committees, members will be appointed by the Senate President. The Senate Executive Committee will have the right to attend meetings in a non-voting capacity, as will the Faculty Advisory Council. Both the President and Provost are invited to attend meetings, and may designate staff members to accompany or represent them. The Provost is a voting member of the committee. The President and members of the Administration will keep the committe informed of actions by the Governor, the Legislature, the State Board of Higher Education, the Chancellor's Office, and other agencies that affect the availability of resources and place constraints on the expenditure of General Funds. Two staff members having budgetary responsibilities will be appointed to assist the committee. The committee will choose its own chair from its membership. The committee may meet in executive session when appropriate, and may establish working sub-committees.

Replacement and long-term structure While this is currently an ad hoc committee, the University Senate and President value the counsel of the committee members regarding the continuance of this committee, establishing it as a standing committee. To provide continuity, members serve for three years from the time of appointment.

  • Report of The Senate Budget Committee in March 1998
  • Executive Summary of report by SBC in December 1999
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