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Sample Diagnostic

Student Ed Tech Survey - Educational Technology Experience

Today's Date:

Year: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Grad Student Other____________________

1. Do you already know how to use word processing software on a computer?
Yes No
2. Do you already know how to use email?
Yes No
3. Do you currently have an email account?
Yes No
4. If so, where is your computer account located?
uoregon Other___________________
5. Do you already know how to browse the World Wide Web?
Yes No
6. Do you own or have access to a computer at your current residence?
Yes No
7. If so, can you use the internet from your current residence?
Yes No

7. What type of internet connection do you have?
Campus Cable DSL Dial Up
8. Do you know how to use a Mac?
Yes No
9. Do you know how to use a PC (IBM or clone)?
Yes No
10. Which do you prefer to use?
Mac PC
11. This class will have course work requiring the use of email and the World Wide Web. Are you happy or dismayed to learn this? Why? If you are dismayed, are you aware of anything the instructor or TAs can do to make this aspect of the course more appealing. Is there anything else you want to say now about the 'ed-tech' (Educational Technology) aspects of this class?