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starship-design: Re: Lunar Institute collaboration with TransOrbital, Inc.

In a message dated 3/25/01 8:23:44 PM, PBlase writes:

><< What did you have in mind?
> >>
>Basically, as part of the CD we'd like to include a collection of lunar
>data: images, an atlas, history, mythology - whatever could be put together,
>preferably out of public-domain material, into an HTML (read on anything)
>document. We have some material that we'd like to put on there, but not
>enough to fill a whole CD.  I can master the disk, but we're a little 
>and busy trying to design the spacecraft, and I thought that a group like
>yours would like to take it on. We'd need a professional product, terms
>to be negotiated. 
>Paul Blase

Well, we're more of an amateur club, and from the site you can judge our 
quality (and see if there is anything there that interests you).

Kelly Starks