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Re: starship-design: Cryogenic Suspension

> Ice crystals slowly forming in blood and tissue have a characteristic size
> which is larger than the dimensions of cells. That's the problem. Freezing
> tissue ruptures cell membranes, and that spells dead. OK, but some small
> creatures, mouse size, can be frozen and revived. Protoplasm is water-based,
> but has solutes and suspensions which disorder the ice crystals so that most
> individual cells come out viable, and normal body processes can then replace
> the minority of destroyed cells in a small organism which has been
> successfully thawed.
> Johnny Thunderbird
Why is freezing needed? You have three options
1) Slow down the body by keeping it just above 32F.
See chipmunk dan or hibernating harry.
2)Clean and reset the cells to a early time every few years.
  This is at the DNA level that would sweep through the body and
repair aging DAMAGE and clean up the body.
3) Create longer living people (test tube baby style)
PS. Send a very slow moving craft to the stars and have the slime
evolve into people when you get there.:)

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