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Re: starship-design: Massively Distributed Computing for SETI

"L. Parker" wrote:
> By the way, this also just added another whopping chunk of computer
> processing....

Great I can sell a whole bunch of Free CPU's to Starship design and
make lots of $$$.

Assuming somebody develops a reusable 2 stage to orbit craft
to get materials into space.
I place my bets on a slightly different method of beam energy
 1) Develop Anti-matter production plants on orbit around the sun.
 2) Develop in solar system large energy relays.
 3) Develop simple to manufacture solar energy beam power units.

 This will permit simple expansion into the solar system.
 Anti-matter/fusion drive will permit transportation of energy
relay units and simple exploratory craft of next bit of uncharted
space. In time a second beamed plant could be transported and placed
in orbit around the host star. Once a system of energy relays is
completed then transportation can start to be developed.
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