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RE: starship-design: Ice Impact Terraforming

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> Subject: starship-design: Ice Impact Terraforming
> The moon, for example, would only hold air pressure for 4000 years; so? 
> Refreshing the pressure with another ice ball, every millenium or so, we 
> could live with.

I'm not entirely convinced that the people living on the moon, developed and
colonised as it might be over a period of 1000 years, would "live with" the
impact of a great big ball of ice on their wee world. How did that Dave
Barry quote go?

"What happens if a big asteroid hits the Earth?  Judging from realistic
simulations involving a sledge hammer and a common laboratory frog, we can
assume it will be pretty bad."


Perhaps best keep this technique for terraforming large bodies that are
going to hold their atmosphere. Alternatively, once you've pummelled the
moon the first time, then use a gentler technique (insert speculative Sci-Fi
method here) to maintain the atmosphere...


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