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RE: starship-design: Fwd: What the hell was that NASA hoax thing!!!!

...Should have sent it to the lsit, but i can't rememebr the address 8)
Anyway, does anyone have a point by point summary of what they said?? BC,
it'd be easier to rebutt all of their arguments. The only ones i remember
1. More than 1 lightsource
2. The flag is moving
3. Same "set" used for different locations.

Reasons i see:
1. Earth reflects light too, just like moon.
2. While there is no wind in itself on the moon, there is the solar wind,
right? With 1/10 of our gravity and near to no atmosphere, it doesn't have
to exert as much pressure
3. In the desert every dune look the same...
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> Subject: starship-design: Fwd: What the hell was that NASA hoax
> thing!!!!
> In case, like me, you'ld like to write Fox tv a scathing letter
> about their
> special "proving" the Apollo program was a hoax
> askfox@foxinc.com
> Kelly