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starship-design: Larry Niven: Making Somebody Pay (This is too good...)

L. Parker writes:
 > Afterward we’ll set up the fence and signs, treat your feet for dehydration
 > and frostbite, possible cuts and that mapwork of burst blood vessels you’ll
 > be bragging about into the next century. We’ll take close-up pictures of the
 > footprints to go with the video of your run, and drive you back to Moonbase.
 > (We can’t use a flying vehicle! Rocket exhaust would erase the footprints.)
 > Danger? No worse than skydiving. Well, not much.

You can probably avoid most of the pressure differential problems by
decompressing to an atmosphere of about 3 psi pure oxygen (the same
partial pressure as in Earth's atmosphere) in the pressure suit.
Then you probably won't even have much capillary damage.

Then time your run for just after Lunar nightfall, when the surface is
neither boiling hot nor freezing cold, and you can avoid burning and
frostbite too.