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starship-design: Ideas for the future

     i was thinking, that in the future, spaceships are going to need: a) 
some sort of communication system, and
b) a very powerful computer.
     I know that quantum technology hasn't reached to poingt where these 
devices could be feasable, but they are theoretiacally possible.

1. A superluminal communication system. An experiment was done a couple of 
years ago proving that two photons that had been entangled would change 
states simultaniously even if they were seperated. This has been shown to 
happen at exactly the same time, i.e. faster than light. imagine if one 
photon was placed aboard a spaceship and the other left on earth. it would 
be a simple matter to detect the polarization of these photons, 
unfortunately not without breaking the entanglement (yet). If the 
polarization could be changed fast enough, it could possibly be used to 
transmit digital signals in realtime- even between places light years apart.

2. A very powerful quantum computer. I know that quantum computers can be 
made more powerful than anyone can dream of, with a quadrillion atome, about 
1 quadrillion operations per second or more can be carried out. Now, 1 
quadrillion atoms is quite small, but if you want orders of magnitude mor 
computing power, you have to have as many atoms as well. This can only go on 
for so long, as space would surely be at a premium on spaceships. To get 
around this, you could use gravitational pull to compress the atoms into a 
sort of miniature black hole, but with all those atoms, more power could be 
derived from one computer. This could possibly go on indefinately.

Well those are my ideas, and i hope someone could comment on the 
practicality of them.

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