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Re: [Fwd: [Fwd: starship-design: re: so you want to go faster than light . . .]]


Steve VanDevender wrote:

Curtis Manges writes:
 > > Okay, now let's look at something else for a moment. Let's just
 > > assume an analogy between the experiences of breaking the sound
 > > barrier and breaking c.

There is no valid analogy between breaking the sound barrier and breaking
the light speed barrier.  It was well known that it was possible to make
objects go faster than the speed of sound through air before aircraft
did it; the problem was recognized not as being a physical
impossibility, but a design problem in aircraft.

Good point, Steve, thanks. It's getting clear to me that I need a little break from physics, though. I think I'll just step aside for a bit and go study philosophy, instead.

Keep looking up,