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starship-design: Libertarian Megamillionaire Gets Russki Space Heap!

More on the man who bought MIR.  I am not surprised that he is a Libertarian


-----Begin Quote:--------------
This is a story about wealth and space and America and Russia, and it begins
with one man, Walter Anderson -- a man with white hair and pale skin, square,
gold-rimmed glasses and a physical presence so profoundly unprepossessing it's
almost impossible to remember what he looks like.

Anderson is 46 and worth almost a billion dollars. He lives in Washington
-- the
city he grew up in, a city he hates; his hatred of the government is, as he
it, "personal" -- in an apartment adorned with a painting he commissioned based
on a Smashing Pumpkins lyric, "I am still just a rat in a cage." "That's
what we
are," Anderson explains, "rats in a cage. And we're going to gnaw through the
bars because we've got about a 30-year window here, and we'll starve if we
get out."


In the alternative space underground, which Anderson has bankrolled pretty much
singlehandedly, he's known for being dystopic, generous, ruthless,
overimpassioned, incisive, philanthropic, libertarian and shy -- by those who
know him at all.
-----end Quote:----------------