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Re: starship-design: Launch Craft.and IEC.

>KellySt@aol.com wrote:
> >
> > Other then desktop universty jobs I doubt anyone is looking into them
> > anymore.  With a fuel gut and eco-groups fusion isn't very marketable, So
> the
> > commercial R&D pulled out late '80's.  DOE has stated they won't fund
> > research into any new designs until they make their old systems work.
> > (Tocomac's)
> So what are we paying these shlubs for??!! Throw the bums out!

I'ld guess for political reasons.  Given the rapid progress industry had in it bref forray into fusion research, I doubt we really pay them to research energy systems.

> Damn, I guess what we need is someone with deep pockets, big balls, no one to
> answer to, and a passion for space. And if there already are such, we need
> more of
> 'em.

Fussion nearly had such a White Knight in Bob Gucioni (publishet of Penthouse and related such.  He and his late wife were big fans of cutting edge stuff.  Usually hosed dinners with astrounats, sceintists, SF authors of Note.  Etc.  He invighted Bussard over, got interersted in the IEC concept, and was going to fund Bussards research (about 100-200 million dollars worth).  He was gleefully looking foreward to craming down the throat of all his detractors.  "So you think I'm nothing but a pornagrapher leech, well my skin mags just ended the energy crises for all time!!!"  But he got screwed in a zoning deal foe a casino project in Atlantic city, lost about a billino, and had to back out.

Space would be harder though, you need more money - and NASA's a more formidable enemy.