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Re: starship-design: space propulsion

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 cacaphony.net writes:
  > There is a good synopsis of current space propulsion research at:
  >  http://www.science.nasa.gov/newhome/headlines/prop12apr99_1.htm
  >  "Reaching for the stars
  >  Scientists examine using antimatter and fusion to propel future 
  >  This is from the 10th annual Advanced Propulsion Research Workshop.
An excellent link for checking out my competition. 

No worries yet. I do have  a current credibility problem to work out as I 
incorrectly quoted a source  claiming Einstein invented the atomic bomb. The 
source quote, however well  intentioned and correct in the information 
provided was indeed fabricated.  This was pointed out by Steve, I rechecked 
the quoted source and found it to  be a mere fabrication though the details 
fabricated were correct but 
unsubstantiated by me to date.

I am working on verifying it to this groups  satisfaction.
  Steve is given my sincere apology. This group is given my thanks for not 
 flaming my previous posts. Thanks for letting me speak my mind in a group 
 thought of as quacks by a majority of main stream believers in star flight 
 impossibility. Thanks for speaking forcefully requiring me to recheck my 
 sources before publishing in a larger public forum. Your peer review has 
 invaluable. Keep up the good work.
  Tom Jackson
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