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Re: starship-design: Infrastructure in space [was: FTL travel...]

In a message dated 4/25/00 9:22:43 AM, zkulpa@zmit1.ippt.gov.pl writes:

>> > What are your concerns about space tourism?  Its currently 
>> > the mostlikely reason to develop major space launch infastructure 
>> > and orbital facilities?
>> > 
>> My concern is that it may be not enough of a reason to start all that.
>> Let us cross our fingers, though...
>Ahh, let me add - it would be good to think out several other
>possible industries to boost space use - just in case tourism fizzles,
>like many other ideas before...
>-- Zenon 

I'ld agree if I could think of any.  :(

Did look into raw material sales to earth, but unless you can download for 
pennies, or at worst dimes a pound your to expensive.  Did some numbers on 
that using big heavy, electric steam rockets.  But it still seemed marginal.