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starship-design: FAA - AST Strategic Plans

Okay, here it is, the AST office within the FAA has finally been authorized
to license reentry operations (see quote below". However, nothing has been
done YET...


"AST Strategic Plans

AST's corporate strategic project for fiscal year 1999 concerns further
development and refinement of a concept of operations for an integrated
Space and Air Traffic Management System (SATMS). After continued
deliberations with the Office of the Associate Administrator for Air Traffic
Services, AST intends to discuss the SATMS concept of operations with the
interested public. In addition to SATMS, the Administrator's performance
agreement with the Secretary of Transportation includes issuance of a Notice
of Proposed Rulemaking to implement AST's newly enacted authority to license
reentry operations and active involvement in a number of integrated product
teams to facilitate use by the U.S. commercial space transportation industry
of Air Force space launch infrastructure."