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RE: starship-design: Infrastructure in space [was: FTL travel...]

Ben Franchuk wrote:
> Until we get the transportation infrastructure in place none of this
> can happen. In some cases the structure is easy to set up, like rail
> roads. In the 1800's railroads use coal,and steel. more railroads
> more coal and steel you need, to make more coal and steel you use
> more trains requiring more umm coal and steel.

Not a good analogy. Railroads would be better compared to FTL starships
being invented after people had already spread to hundreds of stars, they
come AFTER the market is in place, not before.

> It seems like everybody is develping new rocket motors, but nobody is
> using them.
> Lets pick a design and get it to work, if Mr Ford waited for the best
> car
> design we all would still be walking.
> Get it to work, then refine it.

Which is what the Space Access people are trying to do. Reinvent the Model
T. Certainly not the "perfect" car, but it was the key concept that
revolutionized ground transportation.