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Re: starship-design: Infrastructure in space [was: FTL travel...]

Zenon Kulpa wrote:

> Exactly. It is the biggest problem on the way to make mankind
> a truly spacefaring civilization. One possibility seems to be
> a happy event of some new space industry popping up - such that
> it is profitable up front, as operated from Earth, but at some time
> of its development it is found to become even more profitable
> when it starts using space resources - enough so to justify
> the next big investment in, say, asteroid mining or something.
> What kind of an industry it could be?
> Nobody knows as for now, I am afraid. Clarke back in the fifties
> thought it will be large manned geosynchronous commsats - but it
> fizzled, as miniaturization, automation, and reliability of electronics
> made human crews redundant. Currently many look with hope
> towards space tourism - but I am not so sure here...
> Others wait for development of nanotechnology, as it is going to make
> space exploration much cheaper (but, on the other side, advanced
> unmanned exploration will be then even cheaper and more reliable...).
> Any other ideas?

  Yes the internet could be the ticket, to get the ball rolling for
space access. I don't mean for new data links via satalight, but rather
it gives the people of earth a chance to commiunicate and mingle on
world wide basis. Space access has to be global and easy access into
Only on this scale would there be people wanting and demanding to 
go into space.

> So, ahoy, all crew on the desk!  ;-))
> [Sorry, I do not know the proper English maritime command language ;-))].

> -- Zenon Kulpa

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 We borrow it from our children."
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