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Re: starship-design: How to build a station.

What's a monergol?

On Thu, 20 Apr 2000, pk wrote:

> Ben Franchuk wrote:
> > The real catch is not saving fuel ( that helps ) is that the ram jet
> > must be very light as it is dead weight after the air runs out
> > and must be the same weight or less as the weight saved in the airframe
> > from the lighter fuel load. This starting to look like a TSTO design.
> > Since one at this time can't land back in US air space, how about
> > ocean based space/port ... save on landing gear and runways, and you
> > get a neat launch.... rockets ignite until the ramjet kicks in,
> > and off you go.
> Well, for the rocket/ramjet, there's a french missile that does just
> what you want, and it's cheap(not like a million-dollar-a-piece-tomahawk
> 8)
> Basically, it just stuffs a monergol in the ramjet, and when the
> monergol is all used, it gets rapidly into ramjet mode...
> And, couldn't you just use the same part for ramjet&space rocket? Like
> when you reenter rocket mode, just use claps to block the air entrance,
> and then injects Fuel&O2 instead of just putting Fuel?
> Just a thought
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