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Re: starship-design: FTL travel

>> > You can build your own home,rent a apartment or buy a condo to live
>> > in, why  can't I have the same choice in space?
>> Be cause condos don''t blow up and shreed the nieghborhood if you do
>a bad
>> job on the siding.  And carpenters don't need to work in a full presure
>> in a high radiatin environment.  Its not a doit your selfer job.
>  Rockets blow up... a space habitat does not... 

Its under 14.7 psi.  Get a fracture and it will explode.

>  Has anybody even considered it? Living areas require volume
>  construction, and that type of construction has to be done some
>  time in space. You get me into space and I will prove that one man 
>  could do it.

Unless your building something huge its a wast of time.  Easier to prefab it 
in major parts, and launch and dock the parts.  Far easier.

If you want something office building sized you could inflate a structure 
that size, or larger and asemble it in it.  Harder though.

>> > Things welded together is the strongest way of joining things and
>> >electric spot welding aluminum sounds like it would work in space.
>> > Remember air pressure is about 5 PSI not 15 PSI on earth.
>> No, the presure is 15 PSI  14.7 to be specific..
> Picky...
>> Check your insurence company.  They have detailed charts.
>  Money can't buy love.

Buy a dog.  ;)  Loved ones need money to support.

>> >I am working on a nice CPU design, just because I cant make money
>> >from it is worth less? What is the price of knowledge?
>> Try to sell it.  Compare what you can get relative to the pros.  Do the
> Hard to sell things with M$'s marketing clout telling you what to buy.

The Linux or web groups might debate that.

>> You don't fight it.  Thats as stupid as cursing the law of gravity. 
>> figure out whats needed.  To lower costs, you must change the system
>> develop a market to support low cost operations.
>The earth sucks... no law of gravity. You are right there. The system as
>I see
>it does not provide a system that would let small companies develop
>space transportation. I build a personal space/plane but can't get a
>to test or fly it.

Sure you can.  Several groups are doing so now.  FAA is working to adapt 
their rules for comercial space plane dev now.

>> Its the only one around that would try to support what you want to do.
> Don't
>> bite the hand that feeds you.
>What if I don't like what the hand is feeding me? This is cat food...

You want to go into space.  That take resources.  You won't get them (past 
hobbiestlevels) unless you can convice folks you can pay them back - probably 
with a good amount of interest.  If you can't pay your way, or interest 
enough contrabutions for fun or advertizing, you can't convince folks your 
worth the effort.