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Re: starship-design: Re: FTL travel

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stk@sunherald.infi.net writes:

>  I didn't think he was bashing anyone...just the way the book was written.
>  Example: I can certainly disagree with a friend, but still be their friend
>  nonetheless. There is a difference.

Hi Kyle,
As I recall Relativity was Einstein's theory not Edwin Teller's So the 
authority (authorship) belongs to Albert E. Many consider Ed Teller to be the 
father of the atomic bomb. I suspect from eye witness reports that Teller was 
the cuckolded husband of a bastard child (atomic bomb) fathered by Einstein.

Edward Teller only worked on the Manhattan project. No factual evidence 
beyond hearsay that he ever knew how it worked has been found. Do not know if 
that is the correct name or the same man Steve trusts but does not verify. In 
any case who is Wheeler and what new equations did he ever add to or claim to 
add to Einstein's relativity theory SR or GR?

>  > Please be so kind to recommend one since you are so certain of this
>  > subject....
>  I can do that: _Relativity_ , Albert Einstein. I found it quite
>  enlightening.

For a begginner like Steve I recommend "The Layman's Guide to Relativity" I 
read in junior high. Steve has much catching up to do.

Einstein's published letters to Burtrand Russell (mathmetician) are also 
recommended. His personal unedited English writing style in other first rough 
drafts I prefer does take much getting used to but is unmistakable and 
crystal clear when syntax and other grammatical errors common to a second 
tongue (language)are accounted for.

Pause from discussion... Tax time :=( see you responders after April 15th.

>  --Kyle R. Mcallister