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starship-design: Re: FTL travel

Hi Tom,

Some remarks on different letters.

>Does the group have any thought, ideas, methods or machines to
>solve the problem or know of others attempt or solution to answer
>the question "How far is that star?"

You mentioned the parallax method. You didn't like the idea to use the
starship to deviate from the straight line towards the destination star. I
suggest to sent out probes at right angles to the ship's direction of
travel. These probes should contain similar equipment as the Hipparcos
satellite that Steve mentioned.
The probes may be expendible or not. They may even have their own smaller
engine system, so that they can accelerate with the main starship.

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>Taking for example the general equation MVof exhaust=MVof payload.
>to accelerate a given payload mass of 5 tons twice light speed requires I 
>accelerate 100 tons of exhaust to 1/10 light speed (at 1 g acceleration).
>Using the equation E(kinetic)=1/2 MV we get the energy required.

It actually is E(kinetic) = 1/2 m v^2  (Thus v squared.)

(The momentum in classical physics indeed is defined as p = m v)

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>Cancellation of the gamma factor is common with the general rocket
>equation as (gamma times mass times velocity)of payload=(gamma
>times mass times velocity) of propellant. Although the respective
>gamma variable are different letters the values calculated are the
>same so as gamma subscript payload (gp)=gamma subscript(ge) exhaust
>then  ge/gp = 1 and makes the cancellation valid.

>Gamma is a complex variable with mass, velocity, time and spacial

The gamma used most often only depends on the variable called velocity.
Furthermore it so simple that even I can remember it.

gamma = 1/Sqrt[1-v^2/c^2]

The velocity of the exhaust(propellant) is not at all equal to the velocity
of the payload. Hence the two gammas ge and gp should be calculated with
different v. You'll see that the ge and gp will not be the same, nor cancel
each other out.

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>I have no desire to teach the mistaught and misbehaving

Somehow I get the idea that this is told *to you* at several times in your
life. Otherwise you might have realized that misunderstanding does not have
to be a deliberate act (of misbehavior).