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Ben Franchuk wrote:

> Curtis Manges wrote:
> >
> > STAR1SHIP@aol.com wrote:
> > reckoning navigation (see star and go that way) is the method I intend
> > > to use and so do not have much use for trigonometric limitations
> > > or getting lost in space  ;+)>
> >
> > You'd really try to pilot a ship over interstellar distances that way??! You've
> > got to be kidding.
> >
> Why not ... stars don't move that fast, just remember to break early.

It's a trick of perspective. I've heard they're actually boogyin' along at a pretty
good clip (I don't recall how fast). In fact, the velocity of a target star may make
it harder to get to than we think. Remember that the universe is still expanding, and
most of it is (wisely, perhaps  ;-) ) running away from us.

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