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In a message dated 3/19/00 8:22:45 AM, Stravonski writes:

>Has anyone thought about the development in organic computer technology
>that is being worked in labs?  Computer circuits that are self repairing.
> Kind of a combination between neural nets and processors.  They've already
>put a tiny chip into a cell, with the terribly slow rate that space 
>are doing (at least the manned ones), this technology could be up and running
>before we ever leave for the nearest star.  That way, you don't have to
>make chips with equipment and such, you can grow them.  They would also
>presumably last longer than silicon as well as grow and work better.  Just
>a thought.
>Mike Pfeifer

Organic chips would be less relyable, or storable, then the current ones, 
also the techs more difficult to work with.