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Curtis Manges wrote:
> Just an aside, but the human (as well as other animal) brain is not an analog
> processor, it is digital. A neuron either fires or it doesn't. The difference is
> that organic brains are asynchronous; they don't require a clock signal, and don't
> ask me how they sort out signals without one. My guess is that they work on more
> of a parallel processing scheme. I am a fan of analog, myself, just for the
> record, but it just ain't the way things really get done.

The brain uses a pulse frequency type of modulation. More activity more 
pulses. Byte magazine did a good article a few  years back.
High level thought is about 6 or 7 levels of logic filtering from
raw data. Anybody want to write a "Brain" virus and turn the internet
into one large "brain".

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