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Re: starship-design: A forgotton fusion inventor.

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Hi Ben + list,
I came across this amusing site on the difficulties if the builders of the 
atomic bomb used current chat room technolgy.

It demonstrates the the difficulty of building a working diagram of a 
starship from a e-mail chat room list that I thought you might enjoy reading.


partial quote.
 I'm not entirely convinced that the members of the Manhattan Project would 
have made any great strides by utilizing the current level of today's 
chatroom technology. No, nay, on the contrary. Call me a cynic, but I have a 
niggling hunch that it might have gone something like this: 

(NEILS BOHR enters room) Hello? 


(NEILS BOHR) Huh?...Who are you, and what are you doing in here? 

(BADBOY) Well, that all depends on what you're looking for, babe. 

(NEILS BOHR) I'm looking for Joseph Carter, Enrico Fermi, Richard Feynman, 
Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer. And don't call me babe. 

(BADBOY) Kewl! So what's one more then, eh? I don't mind sloppy sixths. Got a 
pic, babe? 

(NEILS BOHR) A pic? ... Listen, get out if this room before I'm forced to 
contact security. The contents of this room are a matter of National Security 
and unless you have authorization, I suggest that you leave immediately! 

(SEXYGIRL enters room) HI EVERYBODY!!!!!! 

(BADBOY) Hellooooo Sexygirl!!! Wassup??? 


(NEILS BOHR) Sonofabitch! Who the hell are you people and how did you get in 
here? And for your information, the name is Neils, not Kneelers! 

(SEXYGIRL) What-everrr! 

(ROBERT OPPENHEIMER enters room) What the hell is going on in here, Neils? 
Have you been drinking the Heavy Water again? Who are these people? 

(BADBOY) Hey Rob, sup dude? 


(NEILS BOHR) Robert, I have no idea who these people are, but I suggest that 
you notify security and have them removed! And no - I've been Heavy Water 
clean since february. 

(ROBERT OPPENHEIMER) Neils, I'm having doubts concerning your paper on chain 
reactions. I'd like to go over it with you as soon I'm finished notifying 


(NEILS BOHR) Robert, I have a copy right here, and hopefully we can work out 
the bugs. BADBOY: For your information, I'm a man. SEXYGIRL, A chain reaction 
refers to a process in which neutrons are released in fission to produce an 
additional fission in at least one further nucleus. 

end quote

more at

 <A HREF="http://www.schmuck.com/ian8.html">SCHMUCK.COM</A>