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Re: starship-design: Re: FTL travel

STAR1SHIP@aol.com wrote:
> The equation Power (in watts) = ISP ( impulse )
>  * 9.8 ( g ) * N ( newtons of thrust ) / 2  are not used as they are ISP
> equations for chemical rockets based constants determined on measured power
> ratios of chemical rockets reactions vs velocity.

I grabbed this equation from a Electrical Rocket description page.
Power is still power.That is about 25 watts per ISP unit. 
1 lb thrust for 24 hours with 1 lb of fuel is a ISP of 86,400.
This is 2.160 MW's for 1 lb of thrust. But then this is the hard
way of doing it since E=MV/2 for your numbers with the right conversion
factor will give the power in watts.

> They have no real world comparison for atomic rockets with the single
> exception of some atomic rockets that expel the propellant instantaneously
> (like most chemical rockets) in a very short period of time compared to
> system time. The ISP measurements database does not even exist for atomic
> rockets beyond poor guesswork of the 1950's. The working equations are the
> ones I gave. The limiting difference in velocities is determined by momentum
> needed to be overcome which approaches infinity with machines using
> instantaneous acceleration. One violates (instantaneous) the laws of momentum
> and the other does not. Common particle accelerators are other examples using
> instantaneous acceleration.

  As a believer in Auto-dynamics, SR has a momentum problem, AD does

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