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Re: starship-design: Re: FTL travel

In a message dated 2/20/00 9:26:14 AM Pacific Standard Time, chithree@boo.net 

> You couldn't hear it, STAR1SHIP, but I went "ungh!" when I read Steve's 
> post. You 
>  can't win. Can we get back to either science or silence now?

Hi Conner,
I think I heard it:)
I just recall a story of bar room pretend scientists debating on the faster 
horse in a race.
Much arguing until bets are placed and the race run. I do not bet or play 
Steve's nonscientific game of show me. If he indeed owns the list and member 
souls, I do hope he does not grab his ball and go home:) as I have heard many 
good ideas from the members.

I have not left science. I use the equations of Einstein's special and 
general relativity to prove my position. That is not revolutionary science. A 
universal law of light speed limit for rockets would indeed be revolutionary 
and the science profession has no place for revolutionaries.

If you would like to discuss my work without being thought a fool by Steve 
(and all he claims to speaks for) private mail is OK with me.


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Star Ship</A> 

>  Connor
>  chithree@boo.net