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RE: starship-design: FTL and Special Relativity


> There is also no "flexing" cycles to consider causing fatigue because the 
> armor does not deform and than change back to the original shape.
> The physical stress is on the colliding particle.

No thermal fatigue cycling then, either? 

> The consequences you fear seem to assume that I claim to have a
> craft that goes from launch to light speed or greater in a very
> short amount of time ... A 105 ton craft launched from the moon 
> and misdirected towards earth would leave a very small impact crater.

Ah, a misunderstanding. The consquences I was referring to was a load of
radioactive material being deposited at high speed on the Earth (if the
craft was misdirected), not the effects of the craft's physical impact. I
mentioned it originally because you referred to your design as being "the
safest" - I questioned this given that it used a radioactive fuel source.

> Well, If you have net meeting 3.01 with video cam and mic and since I have
> high speed cable modem, I would offer to give you a personalized tour ride
> on my star ship and laboratories, but I usually reserve that for the
> Would Chris be short for Christine? :)

No - so I guess I'll have to turn down the offer of that date ;)