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starship-design: FTL travel

>Detecting the charge on the projectile from fields generated at light speed 
>to charge the armor with the charged deflecting field requires microseconds 
>as does the change of exhaust (on already) direction to avoid neutral 
>particle collisions. At c and above all is normal and the radar works just 

Radar or any other detection still requires the returning pulse back
from the object to return before the object arives. At C and above radar
is usless as the object has hit before you get the echo back.

Light is 3E8 meters per second or 300 meters per microsecond.
With 1 us for echo return,1 us for radar detection and 1 us for
deflection that
means a travel speed something about 1/3C.

S>>>>>>>>>>>#    300 meters  radar
   S<<<<<<<<#    200 meters  pulse return
       S?   #    100 meters  pulse detect
          S!#      0 meters  deflect

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